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    Re: Solum SkyBlock Beta

    terdbird 0 comments

    The Beta has pointed out some flaws in our current SkyBlock server setup. Most notably the Nether is not correctly functional, and the SkyBlock core we are using does not provide for individual Island settings (allowing visitors to use chests, for example).
    In light of this, we will be resetting and/or restructuring it. We want to know if you, as players, want to:

    A) stick with older versions of SkyBlock (1.12/1.13)
    B) move to 1.14

    It is possible to scheme out current islands and bring them to the new server. Likewise, we can carry forward /baltop without issue.

    We will be making a decision considering all input on Wednesday September 11th at 12:01AM EST, at which time Solum will go on whitelist and changes will be implemented. We plan on reopening on Saturday September 14th at 12:01AM EST (so as to avoid Friday the 13th).

    GSociety Changes - 09/03/2019

    terdbird 3 comments

    I can't remember if we made this public or not, but ranks and commands are now global instead of per-server. Any ranks or commands purchased will be eligible for this!
    * i am also leaving these posts unlocked going forward if you want to comment or ask questions

    Odyssey SMP
    Updated drop rates for Drowned (both natural and spawner)
    Plugin updates
    Worked on new "secret" crate and area for exploring (check back for updates!)

    Solum SkyBlock
    Oh yeah, this is a thing
    Server is still in pre-beta state while we finish configuring the server store and add a few more features
    I will make an @everyone post on Discord when we are ready to open up
    * This is a new game mode for us, please be patient if you encounter issues and we will fix them

    Some features to look forward to:
    Full-features server store (includes any blocks you might need and a select few spawners)
    OP Cobble Gen (produces ore as well as stone)
    Minions (little robots that perform tasks for you)
    New crates! (updated vote create, hostile mob spawners, passive mob spawners, Solum crate)
    A few different starting islands (I personally prefer the original)

    WyrRider_Dom has put a lot of work into this server, make sure to give him big ups on Discord and in-game!

    GSociety Changes - 08/24/2019

    terdbird 0 comments

    This is a quick post to let everyone know how things are going. The move to the new server hardware has been fantastic. Loads are much much lower and the server is running a lot better. We have fixed some issues with some of the crates missing the 1.13 mobs (we were using a slightly outdated spawner plugin, but have since fixed that) so I have added those mobs back in. I've also re-worked the chances on all of the spawner crates so you should see much less Ghasts drop from the rare crate!

    We are also working on a SkyBlock server, so shoot some ideas in the suggestions forum if you have any!

    Make sure you are part of our Discord to join the discussion! Happy Minecrafting!

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