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    Downtime / Moving Odyssey

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    The Odyssey server will be down for approximately 10 minutes starting at 7:00PM EST while we move the server to new hardware

    At the same time we will reboot all of the proxy servers

    Barring any unforeseen issues, access will resume at approximately 7:10PM EST

    Spawner Issues and Resolution

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    Due to a recent plugin update, there is an issue that results in ANY previously obtained spawner turning into a pig spawner. This does not affect spawners that have already been placed or any that have been acquired since August 12th. To help the player base and fix any issues that may arise, we are replacing any Spawner that you currently have in your inventory with new spawners.

    To have your spawners replaced, please visit this link and create a thread titled:

    Spawner Replacement

    In this thread, we will need your in-game name and a screenshot of you holding the spawner in your hand. If you have multiple spawners, this would require Multiple Screenshots.

    Upon posting your thread, please go to the "Help" channel in Discord and @VincentsValor with "Spawner Request Sent" so I can compile a list and start issuing replacements. It will take a few days to get everyone's requests and get new spawners delivered.

    • * You MUST turn in your old spawner to receive a new one.
    • * DO NOT place any of those spawners. They will turn into pig spawners and will be ineligible for replacement.

    You may submit claims until the cut-off date of August 31st, 2019. After this date, we will no longer replace spawners.

    Thank you, and we look forward to your requests! 😄

    Note: Be sure the NAME of the spawner is VISIBLE in the screenshot. We are unable to replace spawners that we cannot identify.

    GSociety Changes - 08/12/2019

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    Odyssey SMP
    Replaced SilkSpawners plugin
    ^^^ This change re-introduced 1.13 mob spawners in crates!
    Adjusted sell-to-server prices. You can now /sell iron axes and totems of undying
    Adjusted drop rate on spawner crates
    Removed cooldown on special tools (3x3 pick axe, 3x3 shovel, etc...)
    Updated prices on GSociety Store (ranks, tools, claimblocks)
    Updated plugins

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